Making Cents On A Budget: Part 1


One of the greatest insecurities I faced beginning my homemaker journey is having the desire to contribute financially without the tangible means to do so. I used to think that if I did not bring in a pay check, I had no effect over the financial situation of my household. Fortunately, this theory has been proven wrong over the past six years and I have discovered quite the opposite was true. As it turns out, women have more of an effect in the financial climate of the home than we may realize.

This epiphany occurred to me when Jesse and I moved into our current home. Our old house had a quaint eat in kitchen with a small, round table to seat four chairs. Hosting larger events proved to be a creative challenge to accommodate seating arrangements. So you could imagine I was thrilled beyond measure when our new house had a dining room. I have dreamt of dinner parties and family holiday gatherings around a large table for years.

As eager as I was, I was ready shortly upon moving in to set out for the perfect dining table. We shopped at some local furniture stores and one store had exactly what I had in mind. The table had that beautiful “Fixer Upper” look to it- a perfectly rustic, farmhouse table for eight.  I was sure Clint had made this table! When I found it, I placed my hands on the back of the captain’s chair, stood straight up and gave that persuasive smile to my husband as if to say “I want this one.” My husband agreed it was a beautiful table. Just then, the sales representative, who must have seen my smile as well, eagerly hurried over to seal the deal and  stamp her name on the commission.

I asked the sales rep how much the table and chairs cost. I do not recall if my jaw actually dropped when she gave the figure, but I am certain that my smile had disappeared when I heard the figure come out of her mouth. Then it was my husband’s turn to offer a facial expression and his clearly stated “let’s keep looking” or “did I hear that correctly?” or something like that. I left the store feeling discouraged. But Jesse and I had worked hard to keep debt at a minimum and I didn’t want to place another financial burden on him. So I accepted this opportunity as a challenge.

I began my search on consignment furniture stores and online private seller websites. I came across a table that was not quite the style I had chosen in the store, but nevertheless, it was a large, solid table. Even better, the seller was only asking $100. I found a set of six chairs the following week, coincidentally, selling for $100 as well. The upholstery was torn and weathered, so I went to a fabric store and purchased one I thought complimented the dining room paint and stain of the wood. It was such a blessing to find a beautiful table for my family  that did not set us back months in payment installments. With the cost of fabric, we spent $215 total!

Maybe my table isn’t HGTV worthy and I’m sure it would not qualify for a spot in Home and Garden Magazine. But it’s the place my family and I can sit together to give thanks to the Lord for all He has done, enjoy good food, laughter and make memories.  For me, a full heart is found at a full table, surrounded by those I love. I am humbly blessed that God provided us with a full table when we didn’t have a full budget. I am so thankful we did not jump in to that brand new, designer table and allowed God to show His faithfulness.  I have found through experiences like this that God’s provision always exceeds our expectations.

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker


2 thoughts on “Making Cents On A Budget: Part 1

  1. Madeleine says:

    Gorgeous table! And the chairs are a perfect match. This set will mean a whole lot more to you than the one in the store.


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