7 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts

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Fathers are all fairly predictable creatures- they are sports gurus, they are all the self-proclaimed “master of the grill,” they are the “lawn lords” of their yard domains, and bask in the ambiance of anything with an engine. But even considering these general interests, the puzzling question of what to get our fearless leader for Father’s Day remains unsolved. Even finding the perfect card to adequately express sincerity becomes a task of monumental proportion- and makes me question if I’m missing out in my untapped potential to work for Hallmark.

But if your family is wired anything like mine, you strive to create memorable moments with the simple pleasures in life- with or without an $8 card that sings. It doesn’t have to be fancy and come with a high price tag in order for someone to feel loved in our house. Often, it’s the breakfasts in bed and homemade kid crafts that really tug at our heart strings. And while the common gesture of a new tie is always received with gratitude, I believe Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to get the kids involved- and get creative! A gift that celebrates our dear dads, but in a practical- or shall we say humble– way to show we care. Here are my favorite simple and thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas that he will be sure to love!

  1. Coupons. This is a humble gift classic! This gift comes without a price tag, because a servant heart is truly priceless! Simply cut out small rectangles of construction paper. Write or have your kids write what each coupon is worth. These coupons can be anything from helping wash the car, a deluxe dad foot rub (if your kiddos are up for the challenge), or helping with yard work. There are limitless possibilities! (FREE)
  2. Homemade BBQ Sauces & Marinades. There’s nothing like a man and his grill. This Father’s Day, surprise him with one or an assortment of homemade BBQ sauces and marinades to make his summer grilling adventures even tastier! Use whichever recipe you like, place the sauces and marinades in mason jars and label each accordingly. ($15-$20)
  3. Candy Bouquet. Flowers are always a staple gift for Mother’s Day, but Father’s gifts don’t often come so beautifully arranged. But if you are married to someone who has a bit of a sweet tooth, he would enjoy a delicious candy bouquet (I bet the kids wouldn’t mind tasting some candy too- for quality control purposes, of course). Just collect his favorite candy items. Tape each item on craft sticks and wrap together in tissue paper. ($10-$15)
  4. Shaving Kit. This is another thoughtful and practical gift. Use a shoe box or purchase a small box from the store. Have the kids help color and decorate it. Fill the box with razors, shaving cream, and after shave. Even add a couple of Band-Aids for humor. ($20-$30)
  5. Magazine Subscription. For your avid reader, this is a useful gift to enjoy all year long! Simply chose which magazine suits his interests and hobbies. Or even a good comic book- for the young at heart! ($15-$35)
  6. Set of Golf Balls. You can get snazzy with personalized golf balls- but can also find more reasonable sets on a humble budget. It’s the perfect gift if your man loves spending time at the driving range. ($20)
  7. Theme Basket. I absolutely love these! Themes can be anything from treating your movie buff or catering to your coffee drinker. For a movie night themed basket: add a couple bags of popcorn, a box or two of candy and tickets for movie rentals. ($20-$25) For your coffee lover basket: A bag of their favorite coffee, a simple mug, and assorted chocolate candies and shortbread cookies. ($25-$30) These are just examples, but you can get really creative with these themes and personalize them to accommodate what your hubby loves and enjoys the most!

I hope you and your family cherish this day in celebration of our wonderful fathers! I know he will enjoy and appreciate any gift – but most importantly- I know he will appreciate the giver far more than the gift itself! Happy Father’s Day!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker




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