A “Holy Ground” Vision for Home


What’s the first thing you do when you return home from a long day of work or running errands? Chances are, you remove your shoes.  Perhaps you want to spare the carpet or don’t want your infant to navigate on a floor that has been walked on by the same germ-infested soles that went into the grocery store bathroom earlier that day. Or maybe because removing our shoes is a simple comfort of home- when our tired toes meet the soft fibers of the floor- and we can calmly exhale after a long day. At this point, you may be wondering how taking off your shoes applies to living intentionally with a holy ground vision of home.

Recall the story of Moses and the burning bush. Moses was a prince of Egypt when he learned that his family mistreated and enslaved the very people who biologically gave him life. He abandoned his royal position in order to help free his people. When Moses encountered the burning bush, the Lord clearly spoke: “Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground” (Exodus 3:5).  Unlike the homey satisfaction we receive when we remove our shoes, God was not instructing Moses to get comfy.  God was reminding him to humbly respect Him in the midst of His holy presence and He was also preparing Moses for the work that he was set apart to accomplish. Can you grasp the connection?  Ladies, I believe God is speaking the same important message to us today.

As you remove your shoes and begin to prepare to set about the work in your home, remember that the place you are cooking, cleaning and nurturing the next generation is holy ground. God has called us for a great ministry under our roof- to live intentionally by equipping our family for the service of Jesus Christ.   You may very well be questioning how in the world your home can be holy ground it’s hard to see past the unaccomplished chore list on the fridge or the way you lost your temper with your kids this morning. You’re likely thinking “holy” is not the appropriate word to describe your home. But look beyond the work that must be done in order to make your homestead esthetically radiant or even your moment of temporary insanity and see the work that is required within the hearts of those we are admonishing (our children) and submissively serving ( our husband).

Maybe your day began with a screaming baby, a chorus of adolescent bickering and a cold cup of coffee- Moses had been wandering in the desert for forty years when God gave him a high calling (just when you thought your bad day is beyond repair for God’s miraculous vision for your home). It’s easy to have trouble envisioning our imperfect lives in our imperfect homes as holy ground, but nonetheless, it is still our calling as wives and mothers to wholeheartedly  minister to our family.  Our family has been entrusted to us by God.  Just like God set the bush ablaze, He has the power to set our souls on fire on behalf of His kingdom.  And God deeply desires for women to recognize that His greatest work for us is found within the walls of our home and see the beauty in our purposeful mission.

It’s hard to grasp how we can change the world as we’re changing diapers. But the good news is God still deposits us with the grace and strength to spiritually remove our shoes and set about the work of the King. Be encouraged, dear friends, that in the midst of what often feels like a season of day to day failures, redundancies, and wandering, we are planting eternal seeds and cultivating our holy ground. The tangible crops that we reap may take years to grow, but it is not in vain. They say “home is where the heart is” and God has designed you and I to love and nurture our home by sowing His Word into the hearts of our loved ones.  Remove your shoes, ladies, for your home is holy ground!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker

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