The Strength in Submission


In a society who prides themselves on the indoctrination of our young females to be strong and independent, the concept of being submissive sounds completely radical and counter-cultural.  After all, it’s easier to listen to celebrity figures, like Beyonce,’ provoking the question: who runs the world? Followed by her clear declaration: girls! With this kind of model for our generation of women, it’s highly unlikely to find titles of “how to be submissive” as a featured article in Cosmopolitan magazine or TV programs like the Diligent Housewives of Atlanta.

And what are our men doing as we run the world? Just take a look at the current “family” television shows. While the mom character is portrayed as the superwoman heroine of her family, the dad has taken a less significant position as the proverbial screw- up, who is oftentimes the butt of the joke, rather than the head of the household- where comical normality is found in the wife and children rolling their eyes, disrespectfully talking back and completely objectifying his authority.

Rebelling against the idea of submission to authority did not, however, begin during current entertainment or even the feminist movement. It began at the very beginning in Genesis with Adam and Eve. Just as women want to be the leading lady of their own lives and desire to prove equal to their counter-part, Eve was fed the same lie by the serpent- it was not good enough to be just human. Eve wanted to be like God, just as Satan wanted to be God.  Satan did not want to be subject to God’s authority, just like women today don’t want to be subject to their husbands. This is not to compare women to Satan or men to God, but to see the mirror of sinful nature that exists to be something we were not created to be.

But to the wife who practices diligent submission- she’s a doormat, weak, and pathetic, according to feminist definition. On the contrary, submission requires anything but weakness. Our media tends to focus more on how women can glorify themselves, so it’s difficult to understand  the strength in denying ourselves and resisting our own stubborn will for the sake of another- the one who holds the position of whom we have been groomed by society to supersede. Instead of complimenting our men, we choose to compete with them. But do you realize that not being subject to your husband is actually incompliance to the Word of God?

Not submitting to your husband reveals a deeper condition of the heart. At the very core of submission, is a humble heart- one that serves and honors, even in times of tribulation and inconvenience. How we submit to our husbands is a direct reflection of how we submit to Christ.  When life is difficult, we still must submit ourselves to God. The same holds true that when our husbands displease us or things don’t go our way, we still are called to submit.  Recognize your husband’s position as the head of your home- physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. The leadership ordained to your husband was not created to permit him to be a dictator. You do still have a voice- an important voice to help him. But your demeanor should be temperate and respectful.  God did not design our role as a lowly position of burden, but as a divine covering of protection and love. And that, my friends, is a beautiful gift.

It is not easy to deny yourself. Remember though, we are held accountable for our behavior. And we do our work as unto the Lord, not men. And He has called us to be submissive. But I would encourage you to allow your husband to lead you, just as he is led by God.  I am so grateful God blessed me with a husband who desires to follow Him. It sure makes my job as his wife a lot easier.  I encourage you to pray for your husband in his appointed position and ask God to grant you the humble strength to be submissive, as is fitting in the eyes of our Lord.

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker

*Please stay tuned next week for part 2 of this topic as we dive into ways we can be a submissive wife!

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