1 Week of Sheet Pan Suppers

Food is a huge passion of mine- it brings people together, even if only for a meal.  It’s just one of the ways I demonstrate love to my family- warm bellies equals warm hearts! But there is no rule that says dinner must be this monumental production, complete with multiple courses. In fact, sometimes it’s the simple dishes that please the palate and are just as special!

Now we all know every woman adores her crockpot, but the crockpot is not the only time-saving, one pot kitchen concept.  Sheet pan suppers are all the rage- recipes can be found just about all over the internet.  So I decided to share with you my favorite sheet pan wonders! These dishes are quick and tasty- and for all you dirty dish haters out there- clean up couldn’t be easier!


  1. Pioneer Woman’s Sheet Pan Sausage Supper



2. Taste of Home’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza



    3. Chelsey’s Messy Apron’s Lemon Parmesan Chicken with Asparagus



  4. Bon Appetit’s Roast Chicken with Potatoes & Olives



  5. The Kitchn’s Broiled Steak & Asparagus with Feta Cream Sauce



  6.  All Recipe’s Baked Italian Chicken Dinner



 7. Cooking Classy’s One Pan Chicken Parmesan & Roasted Zucchini


7 delicious recipes, one happy family! These one pan marvels will be sure to become apart of your regular weekly rotations. If there is anything I enjoy as much as cooking, it’s spending more time at the table and less time cleaning up! And maybe these dishes will inspire more creative sheet pan suppers in your repertoire.  Enjoy!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker



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