D.I.Y Welcome Sign


I’ve had these two pieces of wood sitting in my shed for over the past year. They were originally used as bench seats, but the legs were removed. I knew I didn’t want to simply toss them aside, but had debated (multiple times!) as to what purpose they could have. I considered re-making them into bench seats or even mounting them as floating shelves. It was as though they sat dormant, full of potential, but lacking inspiration.  But if there is anything I love in homemaking more than cooking and cleaning, it’s transformation.

I love watching something that many people would deem as junk and transform it into something amazing!  I suppose this concept reminds me of how Christ, in His perfect love, can use something like mere mortal humans, and by His grace, transform us into something beautiful- something anyone else might see as worthless and rather than toss us aside, make us dearly loved sons and daughters.

And the lightbulb was lit. The inspiration was found. I knew then that there was no better use for this piece of wood than a welcome sign- A HUGE welcome sign! It’s a bold statement of our open door policy we have in our home. We truly want people to feel welcomed when they visit our family, in the same way Jesus invites us into His family. “Ask and it will be given you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened  to you.” (Matthew 7:7).

Like all my home projects, I always strive to maintain a humble budget! It doesn’t take an experienced crafter to grasp the simplicity of this project. Since the sign is pretty self-explanatory and needs no specific directions, I will instead offer you some helpful hints. First, be resourceful! A lot of times when we aspire to embark on a new craft or Pinterest project , we search to find the closest replicable pieces in order to make it look exactly as we see on the internet. DON’T DO THAT! Taking this approach will likely cause you to spend more money, when you may find something usable right in front of you for a more economical price.

I understand not everyone has reclaimed wood in their shed to use at their discretion, however, do not try to just buy your own welcome sign or a perfectly distressed, thick piece of wood at an antique shop that can justify asking double based on the label that it’s “rustic.” Making something rustic isn’t hard at all! It mainly requires just some good ole’ fashioned elbow grease. Look around! It’s easier to find wood than you think. Reclaimed stores, garage sales, old wood furniture pieces not being used. Remember, mine was once a bench seat! Think outside the box of what requires a check out line!

Secondly, price out the letters.  I checked about four different stores, all varying on pricing and size. I purchased the largest letters (that fit the sign) at the most reasonable cost. Since my wood was free and I already had wood glue on hand, the total cost of this project was $34. 83 (which included gray spray paint and wood letters).  I’d say that’s pretty humble, considering other specialty-made signs comparable to the size of my sign were marked anywhere from $50-$150. Another economical suggestion is to paint with letter stencils on the wood, as opposed to using wood letters. Of course you could add distressed paint on the wood, paint a beautiful design around the letters or add a rustic straw bow at the top of the sign, but I chose to keep it simple.

Hope you enjoy this weekend project and happy homemaking!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker






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