5 Affordable Ways to Completely Re-Vamp Your Bathroom


If the kitchen is affectionately coined the heart of the home, what does that make the bathroom? As a mom, the obvious titles that come to mind would be: the battle at the sink, the mirror of smudges, and the land of misfires. Add a 60’s inspired peach tile and drab décor, and you’ve surrendered this territory as a lost cause.

It’s hard to imagine a space surrounded with such offenses  as potentially being something peaceful- your own in-house oasis. You dread the one inevitable question of guests, “Where’s your bathroom?”  And you often attempt to conceal it by closing the door- all in hopes to discourage the opportune view of onlookers passing by, including yourself.

While no home improvement project can promise your 5- year old son will always aim directly into the target or that your sink will have the power to repel the unexplained large amounts of toothpaste from adorning  the sink bowl, there are ways to make your bathroom a space you can enjoy  on a humble budget.

  • Add a Printed Wallpaper. Wallpaper is an inexpensive and simple solution to make a statement in your bathroom. It adds a boldness, but elegance to the space. Choose a safe and simple color scheme and pattern or make a statement with a large print design and color. Check out wallpaper you’ll love by Wayfair! Bring a touch of sophistication without compromising your budget! $50.


  • Substitute Beadboard for Paintable Bead Board Wallpaper. Get the nostalgic, farm-house look of beadboard, but at a fraction of the cost. I love the textural and detailed charm that beadboard offers. It tactfully blends the combination of modern and whimsical. I suggest using Martha Stewart Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper. This product has been highly rated and user friendly! Keep the classic white beadboard look or paint to compliment your bathroom. $30.


  • Paint Out-dated Tile. A tile gut job is not exactly my idea of a simple bathroom re-vamp. But a bathroom covered in powder blue tile is not an ideal situation either. If the tile is still in good shape, you don’t have to replace- you can paint it! It’s very easy and, of course, affordable! I stand as a witness that you would never know the tile had been painted. And the blue will be a thing of the past! Check out The Home Depot’s options of  Tile Paint to select the color that suits your suite’s needs! $45.


  • Stain or Paint the Vanity. You probably could have guessed by now that I’m a huge advocate of painting. The transformation from paint never ceases to amaze me. Most older vanities are solid pieces of wood- structurally sound and in perfect working order, but lack modern appeal. Old vanity, meet paint…(cue the music) instant friends for life! Choose something ultra modern, like Black. Bring warmth with a mossy green. Freshen and brighten the vanity with a classic white or soft gray. Or add a punch of personality with a charming blue. Stop in at your local hardware store or choose from the HGTV’s Fixer Upper- approved collection by Magnolia Homes. It’s Joanna Gaines…you can’t go wrong! $35.


  • Transform Your Countertop. Another undesirable element of an out-dated bathroom is a distasteful countertop. But buying a new countertop can cost several hundreds of dollars. Thanks to modern advances in remodeling, you can change your countertop without replacing it.  Countertop Transformation Systems can save as much as $400 or more. Groundbreaking, right? $150.



With inspirational remodels like this, you can proudly leave the door open when guests come to visit or indulge in a private home retreat with the door closed and relax in a tranquil, Spa-like bathroom ( children compliantly sleeping sound not included).

Who says you can’t have the bathroom of your dreams on a humble budget? These ideas prove to be just that- attractive and affordable!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker

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