No Muss-No Fuss Spring Cleaning


Ah, Springtime! A time of year when the trees begin to bud, floral patterns are back in season, and we can (hopefully) store away the winter coats, gloves, and scarves.  With all the new beginnings Spring offers, there is one that delights me the most…Spring Cleaning! I realize that my love for cleaning is not normal, and I can live with that. But today, my obsession is your gain because I am bringing you the ultimate cleaning guide that will make Spring cleaning a breeze!

This time of year is often daunting for most people. But it doesn’t have to be this way. While I understand that not everyone can share in my affection for cleaning, it doesn’t have to be chore. In order to avoid sounding like Mary Poppins here, instead of making a game out of my chores, I have found throughout my cleaning chronicles that having a detailed outline for what needs accomplished is the best strategy to tackle these projects, without causing my head to spin.

One of the reasons we tend to get overwhelmed with the idea of Spring cleaning is because we forget the purpose of this cultural traditional.  The goal is not to clean the entire house from top to bottom- although that sounds fun. The goal is to clean the aspects of the home that commonly get neglected during the course of the winter. This excludes the normal day-to-day routine tasks that should be completed. We’re strictly focusing our efforts here on the details.

The most efficient plan of attack on your Spring cleaning is to go room by room, then handle the general chores, otherwise it’s easy to get lost in a trail of tasks and become easily sidetracked and discouraged. I like to start with tackling the kitchen first. It’s the heart of the home- a lot of love is created and shared in this space, but also a lot of mess. It’s one of the heftier jobs to clean, which is why it’s also best to get it out of the way first while motivation is still in its prime.

This list provides all the chores that need done in a 2 week timeline. So grab your sponges and roll up those sleeves. And welcome Spring with pristine! Happy Spring Cleaning!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker






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