Bathroom Re-Vamp: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

After blogging about my favorite budget-friendly bathroom re-vamp ideas, I was inspired to test some out and hopefully encourage other homemakers that it is very possible to create a beautiful home on an affordable budget.With my house being a mid 70’s split level, I knew I had my work cut out to transform this unique layout into the rustic farmhouse-style home I always wanted.And being married to a football coach, I knew that while he was busy tackling game plans, I would have to tackle a great deal of the home improvements.

Rewind 6 Months Ago…

I just finished my triathlon- spackling, sanding and painting- the walls of my house and I was ready for the next challenge.  I was a woman on a mission- this inspired, HGTV- esque homeowner- ready to take on any project the house threw at me. Shower in need of tiling? No big deal. I’ve got this. After all, I have seen every episode of Property Brothers, which makes me an expert, right?

One day,  I stood- hands on my hips, eyes focused (for dramatic effect)- in front of my half bathroom, in all its 90’s wallpaper glory, and whispered to myself, “let’s do this!” Growing up with a handyman dad, I felt completely competent in my abilities. Handy is in my DNA. In retrospect, I had no idea what I was doing.

About 30 minutes into the project and overwhelmingly in awe at how incredibly well wallpaper adheres to drywall, I came to some simple conclusions. First off, how in the world does  HGTV  make their renovations appear so easy? Seriously- a bathroom floor is tiled in the course of a commercial break. The deception! I also concluded that wallpaper was evil and one should have to repent for putting it up. I felt as though someone owed me some sort of an apology for the remodeling abuse (I’m pretty sure remodeling abuse is a real thing).

Eventually, the wallpaper was off! (Insert sigh of relief) I felt as though I conquered something- like when David defeated Goliath or something comparable to that magnitude. As I’m  admiring my wallpaper- free walls, I stood back in amazement of the blank canvas (and myself), until a thought-provoking question came to mind: what do I do now?

I was able to determine that I didn’t want to paint the wall top to bottom. Considering the wall was already divided with trim and a shelf, I knew instantly beadboard was the perfect solution for the lower half of the wall. I always wanted a reason to incorporate beadboard, so I seized the opportunity.

But I was a little reluctant to work with beadboard. The material is intimidating for a beginner (as in someone who just recently self-taught themselves to paint) to handle and relatively expensive in the inevitable chance I would measure incorrectly. Not to mention having to actually use a table saw to cut the beadboard. I felt a little project dismay.

I was not, however, reluctant on a paint choice. I selected a bluish-gray for the upper half of the wall and set about the work I had been accustomed to the past several months of my life. I absolutely LOVE blue tones, so this was a no-brainer for me. Considering the small space a bathroom offers, I wanted a color that was airy, clean and simple.

Fast Forward to Last Saturday…

I am ashamed to admit that I let the bottom half of the bathroom sit unfinished…for months. I fought with myself about just painting the lower half and be done with it, while the other part of me wanted to wait until I could muster up the courage to attempt beadboard. While conducting some research on beadboard, I stumbled upon my bathroom salvation (and re-vamp tip) when I discovered Martha Stewart’s paintable beadbaord wallpaper.  It’s a tale of two wallpapers!

For a moment, horrific memories of wallpaper flooded my mind. I wasn’t sure I was prepared to revisit that dark time in my life, but I knew it was more user friendly than traditional beadboard and cost effective. The task was completed in two days, which makes it perfect for a weekend project! I am thrilled with the results and I managed to maintain my goals in home improvement: 1) Make It Beautiful and 2) Make It On A Humble Budget.

This bathroom had good bones, so I felt I was able to keep my re-vamp to a minimum. While the floor tile, vanity and sink would not exactly be my first choice, they were not entirely  outdated enough to need stained, painted or replaced. So I made due with what I had and kept things simplistically humble. I used a little elbow grease and baking soda to clean up the grout and freshened up the trim with some paint. I added some little touches of décor and the project was complete!






Project Cost:

Paint: $30

Beadboard Wallpaper: $30

Wallpaper Glue: $15

Paint Supplies: $10

Small Can of Trim Paint: $15

Total: $100

In two days for $100, I completely re-vamped my bathroom. I’m not sure which is more impressive: the results or the receipts! Proof once more, that homemaking doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Humble skills. Humble budget. That’s home improvement done the humble way!

God’s Blessings,

The Humble Homemaker



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